What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? Learn affiliate marketing and how to start affiliate marketing with Affiliate Working
What is affiliate marketing? Learn affiliate marketing online

Exactly What is Affiliate Marketing?

As the above image shows, affiliate marketing is where a person joins a seller’s (such as Amazon) affiliate program and promotes their product(s) online using methods such as social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc), writing a blog (with no cost incurred at the start), or using a mailing list to send emails to contacts who have opted-in to their marketing efforts.

Each affiliate has a unique affiliate link which, when clicked enables the seller’s website (in the above case, Amazon) to know which affiliate referred the potential customer to the seller’s site and when a sale is made the affiliate’s account is credited with the agreed amount of commission.

How common is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing began more than twenty years ago and has seen increasing growth, especially in the 2010s. Due to the confidential nature of business, it is impossible to know exactly how much affiliate revenue is being made each year but we at AffiliateWorking.com have seen conservative figures stating it is expected to account for somewhere between $10 billion and $20 billion US Dollars growing every year!

Is affiliate marketing difficult
Is Affiliate Marketing difficult?

Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult?

Affiliate Marketing itself is not difficult to understand, but new affiliates need to learn the best ways to identify profitable products to promote and also how to effectively get enough “traffic” (your audience) to click on your links so you can build a good business.

Why is Affiliate Marketing so Popular?

Affiliate Marketing is so popular because unlike most other businesses it can be started with absolutely no cost to the affiliate, when I started almost twenty years ago after being introduced to it by a work colleague social media didn’t exist so I tested it using a free website promoting presents and gifts and I made $100 in my first week – I was hooked.

What is Affiliate Marketing’s biggest benefit?

Passive Income is the thing everybody wants, which is why so many people want to learn Affiliate Marketing – passive income is where you build a page on a site (for example a Facebook page) and that page brings in income without your having to do anything more – the best example is making money while you sleep (or holiday, play golf, or whatever else you might want to do other than working).

What is Passive Income and what is affiliate marketing?
What is Passive Income?

Is there a complete Affiliate Marketing System?

Yes there is – Master Affiliate Profits have built and perfected their system, and it is proving VERY PROFITABLE with their students – many of whom are NEW to Affiliate Marketing… take a look here

The COMPLETE Affiliate Marketing system for you
The COMPLETE Affiliate Marketing system for you

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